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  • Gaging Products by Knaebel

    Knaebel tranducers and gaging

    Meet today's demands for precision measuring and decreasing tolerances with Knaebel's diverse product line and obtain all your measuring devices from one source. Improve tool life by using Knaebel systems to measure seat contour, seat form and seat distance to deck face as well as diameters for cylinder heads.

    Euro-Tech is the exclusive North American distributor of Knaebel gaging products featuring the IET, the world's smallest gaging transducer. In the past, indirect methods necessitating complicated lever systems or pneumatic procedures were used when checking bores, grooves, and the distances between very narrow surfaces and their reference planes.

    The IET transducer is an inductive built-in transducer of ultra compact size which can directly be positioned in the measuring plane. The IET, when used for this purpose, is sunk into a groove (width 5mm) of a mandrel and clamped by two thread pins.The transducer is composed of a basic body equipped with a coil system and a spring-loaded rocker carrying the sensing element. The design of the rocker may be tuned to the user’s particular measuring task making it very versatile. The sensing elements offered for this purpose range from hard metal over ruby and silicium nitride up to silicium carbide. The IET transducer of the series 0 is absolutely free from mechanical friction and hysteresis making it suitable for highly dynamic measuring tasks.

    Our Knaebel gaging products also include form measurement with the VSM. The VSM dynamically evaluates the roundness of valve seats and concentricity between valve guide and seat. Due to its unique cardan coupling, the mandrel performs the measurement without operator influence and may even be used in align positions. A combined version, measuring intake and exhaust seat with one gage, is available. The VSM lays upon the valve seat and rotates 360 degrees. During one motion it scans the valve guide bore and evaluates roundness and concentricity by a MIN-MAX comparison. Cycle time approximately 4 seconds!

    Please view the Knaebel brochurefor a full line of Knaebel products.
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    Download drawings of Knabel's most popular probes for use in your gage designs. Available in 3 file formats: PDF | DWG | STEP

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